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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

Curriculum Overview - Intent, Implementation, Impact

The ‘Big Picture’ of our curriculum outlines the principles of teaching and learning at Woodlands Park. These principles are separated into three sections:

The Intent: Our vision, design and aspirations for our curriculum

The Implementation: The strategies and steps that we take every day to achieve our curriculum intent

The Impact: To evaluate and evidence standards of teaching and learning

Curriculum Overview – INTENT

  • Achieve our vision – ‘Together we all discover, learn, grow and succeed’
  • Embed our values in the curriculum and the dispositions of our pupils
  • To deliver a ‘knowledge-engaged curriculum’ where skills are developed alongside knowledge and understanding
  • To develop learning to learn skills (metacognition) and subject specific skills through a knowledge engaged curriculum

Curriculum Overview – IMPLEMENTATION

  • Through the consistently high application of out 10 Key Principles for effective teaching and learning (Insert hyperlink to teaching and learning policy)
  • Through our integrated curriculum where children are immersed and engaged in relevant topic learning
  • Through discrete subjects taught progressively across the school and developed through effective leadership and professional development
  • Through over-arching themes such as oracy and health and well-being

Curriculum Overview – IMPACT

  • Positive and improving learning behaviours
  • Exemplary conduct
  • High levels of attendance and punctuality
  • Healthy and active lifestyles
  • High outcomes – demonstrating skills, knowledge and understanding
  • High quality and bespoke professional development opportunities
  • Thorough self-evaluation
  • Ambitious and focused school improvement

Curriculum Overview

The principles of our curriculum (INTENT, IMPLEMENTATION and IMPACT) are combined and summarised as the big Picture of the Woodlands Curriculum: