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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

Pupil Premium

The Government decided to deliver funding straight to schools for certain groups of eligible children.  The main priority was to target disadvantage and vulnerable children with those eligible for free school meals and those looked after by the state.

Children of service families were added to the list.  This acknowledged the demands placed on children, families and school at key times and was an attempt to support service pupils in line with the Armed Forces Community Covenant.  Although these children may not be underachieving compared to their peers, the Premium is provided in recognition of the additional, mainly pastoral support school often need.

Woodlands Park Primary School uses this money to support the child’s well-being during times of transition.  In this instance transition means either moving schools due to service transfers or supporting children when a parent has been deployed in an area of conflict.  Spending of this money is at the discretion of the school.

Examples of how this money might be spent:

  • Access to Thrive practitioners;
  • Support in communicating with absent parent(s) such as enabling skype calls and access to emails;
  • Mental Health counselling in case of bereavement, long term separation or parental injury.

The Children’s Education Advisory Service website holds a great deal of information for Forces families that you may find useful if moving to or away from Woodlands Park Primary School.