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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

Vision,Values and Mission Statement


'Together we all discover, learn, grow and succeed'


W- Wellbeing:

Everyone needs to feel safe and cared for if they are to learn and succeed.  We create a warm, safe and nurturing environment that meets and matches the needs of everyone in our school community.  We understand that people encounter many ups and downs within their lives and at times may need more support than others; this includes supporting our children, parents and teachers during times of transition.  We teach our children empathy and understanding, and adults’ model this at all times.

A- Aspire & Achieve:

We ensure all our children become confident, independent learners with an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.  Challenge is at the heart of successful learning and everyone aspires to ‘achieve or be more’.  Children are taught to understand how they learn and the skills they need to work through and conquer each new challenge.  They are taught the process of learning and understand that making mistakes are part of this process and are to be seen as positives.  We continue to ensure that strong leadership is embedded at all levels and provide a challenging and motivating environment for staff so that they are supported to be the best they can be.  Teachers actively seek out and participate in developing collaborative networks that have the capacity to sustain continuous improvement.

R- Relationships:

We support our children to develop and maintain positive relationships and have respect and value both themselves and others.  Teachers model this in their relationships with the children in our care, with each other and with parents who we see as valued partners.  Opportunities are provided for children to build relationships within our community that encourage our children to be proactive in their responsibilities towards the local community and the wider world.  As a community we celebrate diversity, ensure equal opportunities are created and given to all and welcome everyone regardless of their background, race, culture or religion.

M- Motivated:

Teachers are passionate about teaching and learning and the subjects they teach.  They are relentless in finding ways that engage, enthuse and inspire the learners in their care.  Children are encouraged to be curious and have a ‘thirst’ for knowledge.  They know what their next steps are and want to achieve.

T- Trust: 

Teaching and learning is a three-way process.  Teachers trust that children will be ready to learn and actively engage in every learning opportunity.  Children trust that their teachers will be well-prepared and able to meet their individual needs with understanding whether these be educational or emotional.  Parents trust teaching staff to be honest in regards of their child’s needs and know that these needs will be met.  As a school we trust parents to actively participate in their child’s education, supporting their child to succeed and achieve.


We deliver an exciting and innovative curriculum for everyone that engages and develops the whole person.  We ensure that the curriculum and resources are flexible, adaptable and relevant for the needs of all learners in an evolving world and encourage individuals’ interests and aptitudes to flourish.



Through a passion for learning rooted in mutual respect and warm, honest relationships our school community provides a platform for all to succeed and achieve.