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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

The Big Picture of Our Curriculum by Subject

Although there are huge differences between the delivery and outcomes of the discrete subjects that make up our school curriculum, the principles (intent, implementation and impact) generally remain consistent:

Differences from subject to subject:

  • Vision – The vision for each subject is unique, this has been written by and is shared, developed and monitored by our subject leaders
  • Knowledge and Skills – Subject specific skills and knowledge are taught through learning sequences that are effectively [itched and structured. Skills and knowledge are taught and developed simultaneously through our knowledge rich pedagogy. Learning by subject is summarised on our subject curriculum maps.
  • Published Schemes (published scheme rationale hyperlink) – The majority of our curriculum is written, taught, developed and monitored by our teaching team to ensure that our children are inspired by a curriculum relevant to them and is well pitched to enable all learners to make good or better progress. However, our curriculum is supported by some published schemes such as Jigsaw for PSHE.

Similarities by subject:

Great teaching and learning in PE involves the implementation and positive impact indicators of many of the approaches that make a great RE lesson. Therefore, across the subjects that make up our curriculum, similarities include:

  • A knowledge engaged curriculum
  • Implementation of school values
  • Implementation of our 10 key principles for teaching and learning
  • Teaching through an integrated curriculum and discrete learning opportunities by subject
  • Using over-arching principles, e.g. oracy and health / well-being
  • Developing learning behaviours
  • High attendance and punctuality
  • High outcomes – demonstrating skills, knowledge and understanding
  • High quality and bespoke professional development opportunities
  • Thorough self-evaluation
  • Ambitious and focused school improvement

As an example, here is the Big Picture of the Art curriculum: