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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

School Mediators and Coaches

Image previewPeer Mediators

Keystage 2 children currently hold the responsibility of being Peer Mediators.  Their role enables children to have someone to talk to if they have had a minor falling out with a friend in the playground.  The mediators undertake training for this important position within the school.  The training enables the mediators to listen to both sides of an argument, make others feel safe and not make judgments.  They also help other children to think about a good solution to their troubles.  We are very pleased to have such a responsible bunch helping in our playground.


Coaching has been part of the year 6 curriculum for several years . It was designed to develop  planning and organisational skills which give children opportunities  to experience leadership. The children are responsible for planning  and preparing activities  for year 3 children . This takes place once a week for 45 minutes. 

At the end of the academic year, the coaches do a presentation to year 5 children about their coaching role. They design application forms, short list and interview the children for the following academic year .

The children have a four-week training session at the beginning of the year which involves listening skills , learning behaviours and activities. The coaches take their responsibility very seriously, they are very intuitive and soon discover the needs of their coachee.