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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Whilst the School Improvement Plan specifies a range of targets for the school in 2022-2023 our main targets are:

  • The school started a review of its curriculum during the summer term in 2019. As a result, the school has developed a consistent curriculum intent. 
  • Core principles and a clear progression in reading, writing and maths have been developed and are evaluated by leaders across the school. 
  • Learning in the foundation subjects is sequenced by subject leaders and developed by class teachers. Each half term, 2-4 subject areas are taught through an over-arching topic with the remaining subjects taught as discrete learning opportunities. 
  • Read, Write Inc was implemented in September 2021 for our foundation children and in November for children in KS1 and low attaining readers in Year 3 and 4. 
  • Year 1 phonics outcome was well below the trust average in 2022. All children in Year 1 repeated the phonics screen in July and 92% of the cohort met the standard with an average score of 37. In addition, 95% of children in foundation achieved the ELG in reading. 
  • Attainment in Year 2 was in line with the national average in 2022. This is a result of rapid progress of a lower attaining cohort in Year 2 through quality first teaching and effective use of catch up funding. 
  • Attainment in Year 6 was above the national average in all areas in 2022.
  • Progress measures are predicted to be positive due to the lower prior attainment of the cohort

Please read below our full School Improvement Plan.