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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Whilst the School Improvement Plan specifies a range of targets for the school in 2023-2024 our main targets are:


  • Consistent, high quality teaching of phonics.
  • Rigorous, high quality teaching of reading in KS1 bridging phonics and comprehension, with a focus on comprehension.
  • Raising the importance and significance of reading for pleasure across all year groups.
  • Lowest 20% of readers across the school need to be able to read fluently before leaving Woodlands Park Primary School.


  • All staff and pupils understand and follow the high expectations for behaviour, consistently and with transparency with an equitable approach to rewards and sanctions.
  • Trauma informed practices are followed to support pupil behaviour.
  • Personalised approaches to behaviour management where needed.


  • Pupils with SEND are consistently successful within the classroom and school environment due to the effectiveness of provision meeting the identified needs of the pupil.
  • Pupils with SEND make progress inline with their peers.
  • Every pupil with SEND has a personalised "My Learning Plan".
  • Pupils with SEND are supported with following and understanding the behaviour policy and where necessary, personalised plans are created.
  • EHCPs are written and supported through liaising with families and external agencies where appropriate. 


  • Development of writing across the whole school, focusing on transcription progressing to increasing the stamina of writing for composition.


  • Implementation and embedding of the new maths scheme, (September 2023) Power Maths.
  • Fluency with multiplication.
  • Pupils can identify and explore mathematical problems and patterns, transferring their learning into every day life situations.
  • Pupils feel confident in using a range of strategies and can articulate their reasoning, recognising and addressing misconceptions.

Opening Worlds Curriculum, (History, Geography and RE)

  • Implementation and embedding of the new History, Geography and RE scheme, Opening Worlds. 
  • Consistency of National Curriculum coverage, to a rigorous high standard, developing knowledge, vocabulary and skills.
  • Retaining and articulating knowledge at the core and linking secondary knowledge across subjects.

Staff Professional Development

  • Staff are confident in subject areas.
  • Staff are continually improving in  their pedagogical knowledge, therefore this results in continual improvement for pupils.
  • Empowering staff to continue their professional learning and are passionate about their knowledge.

Please read below our full School Improvement Plan. This is a working document and will be updated regularly.