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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School


Safeguarding & Child Protection

We take this seriously whilst retaining a balanced and human approach. We have excellent recruitment procedures; every member of staff has full checks and up to date references, as do visitors, regular volunteers, supply teachers and governors.  All staff receive appropriate training at regular intervals.  We have policies and practices that focus on ensuring the health and well-being of the children, for example: risk assessments before every class trip, an annual safety check of our playground, a medicines in school policy and staff presence at the school entrance at the start and end of every day.  We have well-established ways of monitoring and responding to incidents of concern, for example: unexplained absences, difficult behaviour and significant changes in physical or emotional appearance.  The ethos of the school is open so that staff, parents and children feel able to share concerns.  Parents who volunteer on a regular basis (at least once a week) or are unsupervised helpers, will be asked to undertake full DBS checks.

Use of Images (School)

When your child starts Woodlands Park Primary School and for the duration of their education here, parents/carers will be ask to complete a permission form to allow images of your child to be published by the school on the school's website or in press releases.  If you would like to change your parental preference then please contact the school office.  

Use of Cameras and Digital Images (Parents/Carers) - 'THINK BEFORE WE POST'

Woodlands Park Primary School are happy for parents and carers to take photos and videos at school events for personal use but please could we remind you that these images must not be distributed or put online unless they are only of your own children.  This is to protect and safeguard all members of the community.

The Data Protection Act does not stop parents from taking images or videos at school events but you would breach it if you did not have the consent from other parents whose children might be captured in those photos or videos.

How can parents help with keeping children safe?

  • Make sure all addresses and contact numbers are up to date;
  • If someone different is picking your child up, please let us know;
  • Be at school on time every day at 8.50 am and 3.15/20 pm;
  • Notify the school about your child’s absence – unexplained absences are a key trigger for concern;
  • Take full note of the advice to parents if you are accompanying a class trip and ensure that you attend the briefing meeting;
  • Share any concerns you may have about another child with any of the following Safeguarding Leads as shown below. 

If you would like to see a full copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy you can download it below or ask for a copy in the school office. We are happy to talk further with parents.


Safeguarding Officers

Miss Lauren Ramsey - Deputy Headteacher & SENDCo

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Miss L Walker, EYFS Lead

& Deputy Safeguarding Lead



Mrs E Vollans, Headteacher

& Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Mrs H Prout, Senior Administrator 

& Deputy Safeguarding Lead



Mrs L Pearce, Year 5 Class Teacher

 & Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Mrs H Dudytsch, Family Support Worker & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Contact Telephone Number
Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Lauren Ramsey Tel: 01752 690046
Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Eve Vollans Tel: 01752 690046
EYFS Lead & Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Miss Lyndsey Walker Tel: 01752 690046
Senior Administrator & Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Hannah Prout Tel: 01752 690046
Family Support Worker & Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Holly Dudytsch Tel: 01752 690046
Year 5 Class Teacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Linzi Pearce Tel: 01752 690046
Chair of Trust & Safeguarding Trustees, Iain Grafton Tel: 01752 891790
Director of Inclusion (responsibility for safeguarding across the Trust) Tel: 01752 891790
Devon MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) -  Tel: 0345 155 1071
Plymouth MASH Enquiry -  Tel: 01752 668000
LADO for Whistle Blowing -  
Police Non Emergency 101

Police Emergency

Nursing Team HUB - Tel: 0333 234 1901
Local Education Authority, Devon County Council (Free School Meals, Admissions, Transport, Traveller Education) Tel: 0345 155 1019

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