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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

KS1 History

At Woodlands Park Primary School, we want to inspire children to think like historians.  Our curriculum teaches children to understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance, and use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends, frame historically-valid questions and create their own structured accounts, including written narratives and analyses.  We encourage the use of enquiry, including how evidence is used rigorously to make historical claims, and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed. 

Our curriculum is very carefully sequenced.  In KS1, the study of local history enables children to develop a sense of period, people and place.  Children are able to identify changes over time. 

In KS2, we use the knowledge-rich Opening Worlds programme which is highly coherent with intricate links that have been built within and across lessons so that nothing sits in isolation.  Our children develop increasingly sophisticated schemata over time, enabling them to understand new content, be curious about a difficult new topic and instantly recognise a wide range of technical vocabulary.