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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

Podium Finishers

Year 3/4 Indoor Athletics

 On Thursday, after school, Woodlands Park were lucky enough to be invited to the Year 3/4 athletics competition at ICC. Twelve schools from the Ivybridge area were entered all together making for a competitive and exciting tournament! The tournament was split into field and track events, including speed bounce, sitting throw, vertical jump and standing long jump, as well as one lap and two lap sprints and an obstacle relay.

The Woodlands Park team were apprehensive but determined as the competition got under way. But apprehension soon turned to excitement as the team began very strongly, winning the first four events. The excitement became more and more palpable as we continued to do very well in all events. The competition culminated in a girls and boys obstacle relay. The girls were up first and the boys cheered and whooped as they breezed to victory in their heat. This put the pressure on the boys, but there was not a hint of nerves as they battled against tough competition to also win their heat.  At the final whistle the teams from each school gathered for the results. The 12th to 8th position results were announced first. Woodlands Park were not called. Then came 8th to 4th place. Again, Woodlands Park were not on the list. This meant we had made it to the top four! Some of the children began biting their nails. Eventually Woodlands Park were named podium finishers in 3rd place overall. A huge cheer went up, and there were high fives all round.  A massive congratulations to the team of Reuben McCue, Tom Prout, Sam Parsons, Archie Colton, Charlotte Watts, Izzy Owen, Jessie Owen and Taylor Hort and a big thank you for all the support we received!