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Woodlands Park Primary School

Woodlands Park Primary School

My Vision for Your Children

A copy of the presentation by Mr Bone & The 101 Experiences Sheet

101 experiences


Ride a rollercoaster
Go to a West End show
Go to a Panto
Take part in a performance
Watch the sunrise from the highest local point
Climb a tree
Visit London
Make a dam in a stream
Paint a water colour by a stream
Play Pooh sticks
Make the biggest model ever
Lie on back watch, paint describe write about clouds
Read headstones
Visit Belson
Receive a standing ovation
Run across breaking ice
Cook a meal for others to enjoy
Eat something they’ve grown themselves
Have a hero praise you
Have a good idea taken up by the group
Build a den
Grow a sunflower
Order and eat a meal in another country
Sing around a campfire and toast marshmallows with a stick
Watch a bird hatch from an egg
Watch an animal being born
Listen to a live orchestra in a theatre
Pick blackberries and eat them – unwashed
Count the stars
Climb a mountain
Drink from a mountain stream
Catch snow on their tongue
Care for an animal long term
Attend a top level sporting event
Build a bonfire
Slide on ice
Feed a lamb or calf

Go out as soon as it starts snowing
Go to a rock concert
Jump over waves in sea
Run into the sea holding hands
Help a disadvantaged other
Run through the woods
Sing in harmony with others
Decorate a Christmas tree
Run up a hill singing
Try and fly with an umbrella on a windy day
Build a bridge
Record an album
Shout in a cave
Make a den and sleep in it
Walk in dark with a torch
Lie on back in a field in the sunshine chatting and imagining
Walk on stilts
Build a boat
Lick out a cake bowl
Go fossil hunting
Make butter in a jar and then spread it on home made bread… then eat it
Make petal perfume
Storm a castle without being spotted by the sentries
Visit the Houses of Parliament
Visit British Museum
Watch a tadpole change into a frog
Sing at The Albert Hall
Saw through a piece of wood
Work with a fire-fighter and a paramedic
Fish at midnight
Work with a passionate expert
Learn from an old person
Have a story under a tree
Go through locks on a barge
Make a massive collection