School Culture



 Our school community aims to encourage equality, opportunity and enjoyment of learning through respect, trust and a commitment to high standards for all learners so that they can achieve their full potential.


'Sowing the Seeds for Success' At Woodlands Park it is our shared vision to:

• Create an environment that allows for the development of confident, independent learners with an enthusiasm for acquiring  knowledge.

• Support our children and enable them to develop positive relationships and respect and value themselves and others.

• Encourage our children to be proactive in their responsibilities towards the local community and the wider world.

• Continue to ensure that strong leadership is embedded at all levels and provide a challenging and motivating environment for staff so that they are supported to be the best they can be.

• Maintain the capacity to deliver an exciting and innovative learning environment for staff, pupils, governors and parents.

• Provide a safe, caring environment supporting all learners enabling them to thrive.

• Ensure that all learners are supported through times of transition.

• Be proactive in developing collaborative networks that have the capacity to sustain continuous improvement.

• Ensure that the curriculum and resources are flexible, adaptable and relevant for the needs of all learners in an evolving world.