OUR VISION - 'Sowing the Seeds for Success'

At Woodlands Park it is our shared vision to:

  • Create an environment that allows for the development of confident, independent learners with an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.
  • Support our children and enable them to develop positive relationships and respect and value themselves and others.                                    
  • Encourage our children to be proactive in their responsibilities towards the local community and the wider world.
  • Continue to ensure that strong leadership is embedded at all levels and provide a challenging and motivating environment for staff so that they are supported to be the best they can be.
  • Maintain the capacity to deliver an exciting and innovative learning environment for staff, pupils, governors and parents.
  • Provide a safe, caring environment supporting all learners enabling them to thrive.
  • Ensure that all learners are supported through times of transition.
  • Be proactive in developing collaborative networks that have the capacity to sustain continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that the curriculum and resources are flexible, adaptable and relevant for the needs of all learners in an evolving world.


  • To constantly seek ways to improve learning and teaching and raise standards;
  • To encourage independent learners;                                     
  • To make the curriculum accessible to all, whatever their learning, physical or emotional needs;
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, developing the whole child;
  • To prepare learners to be caring adults, valuing themselves and each other and be able to maintain a healthy life style;
  • To respect and value racial, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity to promote equality and challenge racism;
  • To provide a safe, secure and happy environment for the whole school community;
  • To establish effective partnerships between teachers, pupils, parents, carers and governors;
  • To work in a democratic structure that enable all stakeholders to both contribute and be accountable;
  • To give positive support and encouragement to encourage both personal growth and school improvement.


  • The ethos of a school is the aspect that makes it unique. Our school ethos is based on true partnerships and valuing learning as a life long process.
    We aim to generate a climate where all members of the school community are encouraged to learn.
  • We create a warm and caring, disciplined and ordered climate in school, founded on good relationships. A friendly, welcoming and caring atmosphere is created by the way children and children, adult and adult, children and adult, greet, interact and support each other-
  • This school recognises and celebrates children’s achievements in the spirit that every child is unique and has something to offer. Through a positive approach, we help children feel confident and liked. The school works towards helping the children develop self-discipline, control and responsibility. All staff treat children with genuineness and respect they deserve. In return, they can expect the same degree of respect from the children.
  • We understand and actively promote the relationship between teachers and parents and want the school to be a key part of the local and wider community. 
  • Woodlands Park is committed to equal opportunities and promotes racial and disability equality. We are committed to Safeguarding children.


Learning is at the heart of what we do in school.  We believe that our role at Woodlands Park is to help children to develop their skills as reflective and creative learners who are eager to face new challenges.  We want our pupils to learn in a way which develops independence of mind, a desire for new knowledge and the skills which will enable them to carry on learning for life in a rapidly changing world.  All our children follow a broad and balanced curriculum which includes daily numeracy and literacy and we use a themed approach to learning which incorporates the National Curriculum subjects into topics.

Our children learn beyond the classroom in many different ways.  Trips extend what goes on in lessons and take place locally and further a field.  We believe that  in order to develop confidence children need a range of experiences.  In Year 4 the children have the opportunity to spend two nights away at the Slapton Field Study Centre and in Year 6 opportunities exist for pupils to spend a week engaged in a wide variety of outdoor activities at Bude in Norton Devon.  These include abseiling, surfing, body boarding and kayaking.

We want to provide every child with as many opportunities as possible and to discover new skills and interests.  We have a wide selection of after school activities on offer and these include art, pottery, computers, environment, music, chess and a number of sporting activities.

For us every child and member of staff and the local community matters.