'Woodfest Music Festival' - June 2016

'Woodfest' held in aid of 'Ivybridge Memory Cafe' and the Woodlands Park friends Association on Saturday 18th June 2016 was a tremendous success. Music filled the air around the area. The children from the school together with pupils from Manor School, and various local groups including the UK Meltones and Blue Jewel Celidh band performed on outdoor stages as the audience relaxed on hay bales and picnic blankets on the school field.

Woodlands Park Primary School pupils have been working alongside the members of the Ivybridge Memory Café in fortnightly music workshops held in school, and their performance on the day was a highlight for event organiser and music specialist teacher Debbie Down. "I am incredibly proud of all of the performances at’ Woodfest’, but especially the Memory Cafe performance as they have only been coming into school since Easter and the difference between then and now is incredible. Seeing these adults and children performing alongside each other and valuing each other's role is really special."