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“Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other childcare settings 2015”

Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme Sept/Oct 2016

The children's flu vaccine is offered as a yearly nasal spray to young children to protect them against flu.  Flu can be a very unpleasant illness for children with potentially serious complications, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

In the autumn/winter of this year, the vaccine will be available free on the NHS for eligible children, including:

  • children aged two, three and four on August 31 2016 – that is, children born between September 1 2011 and August 31 2014;
  • children in school years one, two and three;
  • in some parts of the country, all primary school-aged children will be offered the vaccine as part of a test programme;
  • children aged 2 to 17 with long-term health conditions.
Over the next few years the programme will be extended gradually to include older children.

School Entry Vision Screening Programme

The School Entry Vision Programme is a national programme to assess visual health and potential abnormalities for children during their year of entry to school.  The intention locally is to move from a clinic based assessment where take up can be low to a school based programme.  This means that the Orthoptic Team will contact the school on an annual basis to arrange a visit.  This programme will be fully administered by the Plymouth Royal Eye Infirmary and once the date of the visit has been agreed with the School.  The Eye Infirmary will then inform parents by letter to their home address of the screening.  Parents will have the opportunity to reply to the letter and opt out.  For further details please contact:  Lizzy Padgett, Head Orthoptist.  Tel: 01752 439309.


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