School Coaches


Over the past year, seven Year 6 children have taken on the challenge of being a coach to a Year 3. They have helped them with their learning skills such as listening, managing distractions, persevering, not being shy and lots more.


Previous Coaches:

Immogen Pope said, I loved being a coach because I have been able to see how coaching has helped for the year 3’s. It has helped me because I now think differently when giving people advice; I do not just give them the answer I help them to get to the answer.

Yazmine Jeffery a coach said: I think that coaching was a very educational journey and it was a good way for younger children to learn different learning skills.

Anna Baker a coach said: I think that it was a great experience.

Jack Kittle a coach said: It has helped me to understand younger children more and it has been good to see them progress.

Matt Squires a coach said: It was an awesome experience and it has changed the way I think about life.


October 2015
October 2015